Major incidents in KINCHO Meiji Era

1885 (M18) On January 8, Thursday, Eiichiro Ueyama, the founding president, established Ueyama's firm for the purpose of export of mandarin orange from Kishu (Wakayama Prefecture) when he was 22 years old. His childhood name was Hidenosuke and renamed to Eiichiro in the register on September 21, 1894(M27).
In February, Yukichi Fukuzawa, the founder of Keio University, the most well-known private university in Japan, introduced him to Mr.H.E.Amoore, a trader of seeds and seedlings in U.S.
1886 (M19) Mr.H.E.Amoore sent Eiichiro seeds of pyrethrum flower from U.S.
1888 (M21) Eiichiro Married Yuki.
1890 (M23)

Invented the world's first mosquito incense stick.

1894 (M27)

Advertised "Flea Powder" and "Promotion of cultivation of Pyrethrum flower" in newspapers of Osaka-Mainichi and Osaka-Asahi.

1895 (M28)

Invented the world's first mosquito coil. (Spiral shape was Yuki's idea)

1898 (M31)

Started trial export of Pyrethrum powder to China and developed a trading channel to U.S.

1904 (M37) Donated Pyrethrum powder to Japanese army fighting against Russia in the northern China. Later succeeded to sell Pyrethrum powder to the army.
1905 (M38)

Started export Pyrethrum power in full swing.

1906 (M39) Opened Vladivostok Branch in Russia, which had been in business till 1932(S7).
1910 (M43)

Registered the mark of rooster head, KINCHO, as company's trademark.