SCENE-3 Insecticides for Public Hygiene & Agricultural Chemicals

Peering Closely at Nature with "Safety First" in Mind to Achieve a More Livable World

Kincho's products are not limited to household use alone. The company also contributes to the environmental hygiene of the community by manufacturing disinfectants for use in the office, public facilities and other public spaces, as well as animal-safe insecticides for coops and pens, termite insecticides and more.
One theme that everyone must be proactively engaged in is the preservation of the environment. To ensure a rich, abundant natural environment for future generations, Kincho has focused its research on the development of products that are safe for use around people and other warm-blooded animals, and that rapidly decompose in the natural world.

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Kincho has many product lines that are both highly safe to humans and animals, and highly effective against insects, including ULV Emulsion, the first-ever concentrated (ULV treated) insecticide spray in Japan, Kincho ETB Emulsion for Animals, an animal-safe insect repellent, and Kincho Silonen, a termite control agent made with safe, long-lasting silafluofen.