Research & Development

"Right now" is always our starting line.

A Full Lineup of Kincho
Products for a More Pleasant Lifestyle.

Numerous R&D (Research & Development) achievements, a superior production system and strict quality control: we at Kincho realize that these are all essential factors in our goal of promoting more comfortable lives for our customers.
To achieve this, we live up to the trust customers place in us by developing products for a wide variety of applications, including household insecticides, moth repellents, hand warmers, household detergents, hygienic insecticides, animal insecticides and termite control agents. Kincho is preparing a full lineup of products well-suited to the new lifestyles of the 21st century.

Pyrethroid-Based Technology Continues
to Produce New Research Results

Kincho was the first company in the world to clarify the stereochemical structure of pyrethrin, inventing numerous new pyrethroid-based insecticides over the course of its more than a century of history.
These numerous achievements have earned Kincho great acclaim both in Japan and around the world.
We at Kincho have begun research and development work in new fields as well. Making the most of the research achievements we have accumulated in the area of insecticides, we are now aggressively expanding our research into other fields, such as moth repellents, cleaners, detergents, and other household products, and pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

  • Closed box test of Katorisu

  • Stock colonies insects used for various kinds of tests

  • Efficacy test of insecticides against cockroaches by topical application method

  • Female common house mosquito