Research & Development

Utilizing our Technology for Tomorrow

KINCHO Products Are Used in Many Places in Daily Life.

We have invented a succession of products in response to the needs of the times, such as the world's first household insecticide, KINCHO-KO (Mosquito Incense Sticks); the first aerosol in Japan, KINCHOL; a liquid electronic mosquito insecticide, KINCHO EIGHT and its successor KINCHO LIQUID; and an odorless moth repellent for clothing, GON.
In recent years, we have created the unprecedented category of Hanging Insect Repellent and developed MUSHIKONAZU. By responding to new needs and applying the technologies we have cultivated, we have also developed novel and unique products such as cockroach MUENDER. KINCHO's research results are used in daily life, going beyond insecticides to the research and development of pharmaceuticals, cleaning agents, sanitizers and other products that are familiar to people in their daily lives, for a healthy tomorrow.

Lectures at international conferences

We carry over our technology from pyrethrum cultivation research to tomorrow's research.

We were the first company in the world to succeed in the industrial cultivation of pyrethrum and invented mosquito coils using this flower as the active ingredient, establishing the basis for today's household insecticides. Our research began with pyrethrum cultivation technology and continued with pyrethrin, a natural insecticidal ingredient contained in pyrethrum. We have also elucidated the three-dimensional structure of pyrethrins and developed our research into synthetic pyrethroids with different characteristics. We continue to pursue the potential of pyrethrum and pyrethrins as a guidepost for the next era.
These numerous achievements have been highly evaluated in Japan and the world, and our products are spreading throughout the world. Our inventions are always at the forefront of pioneering in Japan and around the world.

  • Presentation on pyrethrum genome research

  • MUSHIKONAZU efficacy test

  • Efficacy test of insecticide against cockroaches using the micro-drop method

  • Collecting social insects