Helping to promote healthier ways of living

Clean and healthy

As a business, we lie between the natural environment and the living environment, but because of rules and regulations, we are required to hand down these environments in better condition than we found them to the children who will be shouldering the responsibilities of the next generation. Therefore, in order to deliver to markets products that consumers can use safely and securely, we have a thorough quality control system that underscores our proposals for an affluent way of life and gives us the means to serve the consumer.

Wakayama plant with solar panels on the roof

  • Gongon production line

Strict Quality Control -
from Raw Materials to Finished Products

We never compromise on quality control.
We at Kincho have developed and designed our own production lines, and by testing samples on a daily basis, we are able to inspect our products from every angle, including the effectiveness of ingredients, functionality and appearance. The company also keeps close tabs on its product distribution system, and ensures a stable supply of products of the highest quality.
Efficiency is important, but at Kincho, quality comes first.

  • Production line of "Sunpole" (toilet cleaner)

  • Production line of "Kinchol"(water-based aerosol insecticide)

  • Production line of mosquito coils