Looking to the Future -
with an Improved Quality of Life.

Toward a healthier tomorrow...
We currently stand at a crossroads in time, when the meaning of "quality of life" must be redefined for those who are born in the new era.
We at Kincho would like to pass along to future generations the personal touch so often forgotten in today's rapidly changing technological society. Even now, 130 years since the company's founding, our corporate stance remains unchanged.
We continue to maintain the interpersonal relationships and social connections that sustain life. With good health uppermost in mind, we have given form, one by one, to products capable of creating a healthier environment for individuals, society, and the world at large. Kincho is looking ahead to this new era with a variety of products designed to support people in the pursuit of their everyday lives.

President … Naohide Ueyama上山直英

Focused on the better health possibilities of tomorrow

Creating a more pleasant living environment via environmental protection, recycling and other activities is a top priority of businesses and governmental offices. Since our very beginning, we have continuously proposed a clean and healthy way of life to consumers. Our long-selling Kincho brand products testify to that.
Today, Kincho is transitioning from the general sanitation business to the healthcare business. We have taken the first steps towards establishing new traditions, using the same ardent passion for research and development that our predecessors demonstrated. We consider it our mission at Kincho to meet consumer expectations as a lifestyle partner and to grow business further as a leading company.