Major incidents in KINCHO Meiji Era

1990 (H2) Took over the business right of Sunpole Co., Ltd., a detergent manufacturer.
1997 (H9)

Opened the Internet website and sponsored for Japanese soccer team Jubilo Iwata.
Obtained the distributorship of Combat, cockroach bait products from the Clorox Company in U.S.

1999 (H11) Naohide Ueyama was nominated as the 5th president.
2002 (H14) Launched the world's first battery-operated mosquito killer with centrifugal force and whirling wind, "Cuttris" (Japanese name: Katoris).
2003 (H15) Launched "Clean Flow Bouquet," room fragrance made in China under our technical guidance and imported from China.
2004 (H16) Naohide Ueyama was appointed to an Honorary Consul General of Serbia and Montenegro.
2005 (H17) Took over the OTC pharmaceutical business department of Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. a pharmaceutical company.
The ceremony for the Kincho's 120th anniversary and for opening of Honorary Consulate General of Serbia and Montenegro was held at the Imperial Hotel Osaka.
Launched room fantastic gel-type fragrance "Color Flow," mosquito coil newly formulated with natural pyrethrum.
2006 (H18)

Interviewed on an economic documentary program of TV TOKYO titled "Gaea no Yoake,"
which means Dawn of the earth (Gaea is the goddess of the earth in Greek mythology).
"Portable Cuttris" (Japanese name: Odekake Katoris), a portable battery-operated mosquito killer for an outdoor life became a hit product.

2007 (H19)

"Mushikonãzu," insect deterrent became a hit product.

2008 (H20) Osaka Factory completed.
New factory completed for Gongon moth repellent.
2010 (H22) Began sponsorship of Nagai football stadium in Osaka, renamed Kincho Stadium.
Wakayama Factory completed in Kainan, Wakayama.
2011 (H23)

Kincho Uzumaki brand mosquito coils received the Good Design Long Life Design Award from the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

2013 (H25)

Kincho products registered as “Essential Historical Materials for Science and Technology”, in recognition of the “world’s first mosquito coils containing pyrethrum and other repellents.”

2014 (H26) Saraburi Factory completed in Thailand.
2015 (H27) Chairman Hidesuke Ueyama died (age 78)
2017 (H29) Kincho coils, aerosols and other products received Chemistry Heritage accreditation from The Chemical Society of Japan.