KINCHO continues to contribute to international exchange by sustaining and developing the close ties between Serbia and KINCHO through pyrethrum.

Pyrethrum originated in Yugoslavia, which is Serbia today. Yugoslavia was the world's largest exporter until World War I, but the impact of World War I reduced exports from Yugoslavia, and Japan became the world's largest exporter of pyrethrum. Later, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia offered Eiichiro Ueyama a pyrethrum trade agreement; he was appointed Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in Osaka.
Currently, we play the role of Honorary Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia in Osaka.
With this history as a backdrop, we hope to further develop our friendship with Serbia, which has grown using pyrethrum as a bridge.

Promoting environmental consideration, health support and culture for a sustainable future

As a company with a deep connection to nature, we have been promoting environmental initiatives since long before SDGs attracted widespread attention in recent years.
We continue to take a variety of approaches to environmental considerations, including reducing the amount of plastic used for product containers and using recycled materials, generating solar power at our Wakayama Factory, recycling water generated in the manufacturing process, the Forest of the Future environment preservation activity conducted as a joint project with Wakayama Prefecture, where our company was founded, pyrethrum cultivation and conservation activities in Onomichi City, and reducing CO2 emissions by reviewing our distribution system.
Furthermore, we have built a close relationship with society through health support and cultural promotion activities, including assistance to the Japan WHO Association, sponsorship of the Noh Boat at the Tenjin Festival, one of the three major festivals in Japan, to foster local culture, and sponsorship of the Osaka Evessa basketball team of the B.LEAGUE.

  • Brass plate of the Honorary Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia

  • Cultivating and preserving pyrethrums (Onomichi City Museum of Art)

  • Sponsorship of the B.LEAGUE's Osaka Evessa

  • Improved logistics efficiency

  • Solar power generation at Wakayama Factory

  • Forest conservation

  • Sponsorship of a Noh boat at the Tenjin Festival (Osaka)

  • Tie-up with Iriya Morning Glory Festival (Tokyo)

Technologies Should Be Passed on to the Next Generation

Among the many products we have invented and introduced to the world, we have received recognition from the world of science and technology, the field of chemistry and the design industry for our achievements over the years.
As described below, for more than a century, KINCHO has been working hard to develop products that contribute to the world and has done so to this day. We are proud of the KINCHO brand for receiving these awards and continue to rise to the challenge of creating new products with an eye to the future.

Registered as Essential Historical Materials for Science and Technology
(Heritage of Future Technology) (2013)

National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo

Registration as a Heritage of Future Technology is intended to preserve valuable materials that demonstrate the development of science and technology in Japan and to pass on the experience of our predecessors in science and technology to the next generation.

Subject: KINCHO UZUMAKI and other mosquito coils containing the world's first pyrethrum and related materials.
[Registration number: No. 00135]

KINCHO products registered as Essential Historical Materials for Science and Technology (Heritage of Future Technology)

Certified as Chemical Heritage (2017)

Chemical Society of Japan

Certification of Chemical Heritage is to pass on our heritage, particularly valuable historical materials related to chemistry and chemical technology in Japan to the next generation, and to contribute to the improvement and development of technology and education in chemistry.

Subject: KINCHO UZUMAKI, KINCHOL and others, Materials showing the origin of the insecticide industry in Japan.
[Certified Chemical Heritage: No. 041]

Certifies as a Chemical Heritage

  • Mosquito Incense Stick

  • KINCHO UZUMAKI (Around 1919)

  • Pyrethrum Cultivation Book

  • Japan's first aerosol insecticide

  • Laboratory notebook

Received the Good Design Long Life Design Award (2011)

Japan Institute of Design Promotion

This award provides an opportunity to reevaluate tools and equipment that people have loved and supported from the perspective of tomorrow's life.

Award Number: 11L01018

Received the Good Design Long Life Design Award