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Reaching Out to the World -
Kincho's Business Operations Have Grown to Global Proportions.

Various Kincho products have become popular around the world. There are many regions abroad where every year large numbers of people lose their lives because of diseases carried by harmful insects. Among Kincho's efforts to expand the company's business operations overseas are the establishment of subsidiaries in China and Thailand for the local manufacture of products that are effective specifically against indigenous insects. Today, the Kincho brand is gaining increasing popularity in countries all over the world.

  • Product lineup targeted for the Chinese market

  • Packaging for shipment to the local market

  • Zhong Shan Kincho Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd.

  • Product lineup targeted for the Thai market

  • Mosquito coil jointly developed with Mahidol University in Thailand to counter Dengue fever

  • Sales promotion activities at a large volume retailer in Thailand

  • Thai Factory

  • Staff from Kincho's local subsidiary in Thailand