Major incidents in KINCHO Showa Era

1929 (S4)

Eiichiro was appointed an honorary consul of Yugoslavia.

1930 (S5) Eiichiro was enshrined in newly built Jochugiku Shrine in Mukaijima-cho, Hiroshima.
The annual festival is held on May 8.
Kantaro Ueyama, the 1st son of Eiichiro, who renamed from Hidenosuke, was nominated as the 2nd president. His pseudonym was Kan-Ou.
Kantaro was appointed an honorary vice-consul of Yugoslavia.
1934 (S9)

Built Nagasu Factory in Hyogo Prefecture.
Launched liquid insecticide Kinchol.

1935 (S10) Renamed to DAINIHON JOCHUGIKU CO., LTD. (The present company)
1939 (S14) Built Osaka Factory and Research and Development Laboratory.
(Japan-U.S. treaty of commerce and navigation was abandoned.)
The export of Pyrethrum flower decreased to a half of the volume at peak in 1937(S12).
1942 (S17) Moved its office to 2 Cho-me, Tosabori, Nishi-ku,Osaka (present location)
On December 30, Wednesday, Kantaro, the 2nd president, died in the airplane accident in Sembawang Airport in Singapore. (He was buried in Japanese Cemetery in Singapore. His grave is next to the monument of Shimei Hutabatei, a famous author in Meiji Era, who was intimate to Russian Literature.)
1943 (S18) Kantaro, the 3rd son of Eiichiro, who renamed from Hideo, was nominated as the 3rd president. His pseudonym was Kanzan Eiichiro Ueyama, the 1st president died.
1945 (S20) Osaka factory and Amagasaki Factory were burnt down by massive air raids in Osaka.
1950 (S25) Started annual sport match with the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi (Osaka Branch).
1965 (S40) Launched the world's first liquid electric mosquito killer, "Kincho Eight."
1966 (S41)

Aired an unique TV commercial of "Lchonki," the reverse slang of Kinchol.

1967 (S42)

Aired a TV commercial by the postwar most brilliant star, Hibari Misora. Since then, a catchphrase saying "Kincho-no natsu, Nihon-no natsu" has started.
It means "Japanese summer reminds Kincho."

1970 (S45) Launched the world's first disposable chemical duster, "Sassa."
1971 (S46) Japan Household Insecticide Industry Association was organized.
Kantaro Ueyama, our president was assigned to the 1st chairman.
1981 (S56)

Hidesuke Ueyama was nominated as the 4th president.

1983 (S58)

Launched the world's first Pyrethroid odorless moth repellent, "Gon," which exterminated harmful insects to clothes.

1988 (S63) Built new head office premises. Registered "KINCHO" as a trademark.