one-push aerosol mold prevention in bathrooms

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  • KINCHO MUENDER one-push aerosol mold prevention in bathrooms 40shots

  • KINCHO MUENDER one-push aerosol mold prevention in bathrooms 40shots

Easy to prevent mold in bathrooms by spraying.

Spray in bathrooms every two weeks to prevent mold.
Preventing mold in specific areas as well.

Easy to prevent mold in bathrooms by spraying

Spray five times in different directions in your bathroom, and the anti-mold ingredients will spread throughout the bathroom, sterilizing the bacteria that cause black mold and pink slime.

Specific areas

Spray once directly on the area of concern for black mold or pink slime! Easy and convenient prevention of mold growth

The effect lasts for about two weeks*1

By using this product regularly, the Gemini Quaternary Ammonium Compound enhances the anti-mold effect and keeps bathrooms clean, making your everyday cleaning easier.
It is effective to alternate between spraying the entire bathroom and spraying specific areas.

Also works against bacteria and viruses!*2

Also prevents mold in the bath without using smoke.
How to use KINCHO MUENDER one-push aerosol mold prevention in bathrooms

  • 1Preparation before spraying

    • ● Remove any existing mold stains. Even if mold is present in your bathroom, it is effective in preventing the current mold from spreading further.
    • ● Close the bathroom window(s) and turn off the fan.
    • ● If there is a flame in your bathroom, such as a balanced flue, turn off the flame and close the main valve.
    No problem even if the bathtub is wet.
    No problem even if you leave small items in the bathroom.

    No more preparation required!

  • 2Only spray in bathrooms!

    • ● Spray five times from the entrance of bathrooms while changing the spraying direction so that the anti-mold component spreads throughout bathrooms.
    It’s easy!

    ImportantIt is effective to spray after cleaning bathrooms!

    * Spray once on the specific areas that easily turn moldy.
    Spray once for point treatments in areas where stains are bothersome.

    ImportantFrequent spraying is effective where black mold or pink slime often appear!

    Effectively prevent mold by using the spray once every two weeks!

    * To prevent mold in an entire bathroom, spray up to five times. The spraying for specific areas should be done separately.

  • 3After spraying

    • ● Keep bathroom door shut tightly for ten minutes or more.
    • ● After that, open the door and ventilate bathrooms for about 10 to 20 minutes.
    • ● If bathrooms fan switch is in bathrooms or there is no fan for bathrooms, keep bathrooms door shut tightly for 90 minutes or more. Then open it and ventilate bathrooms.

    Keep the door shut tightly!

    Turn bathrooms fan on!

    Cleaning bathrooms with water after spraying is unnecessary!

    * However, if this product adheres to copper, brass or galvanized iron as well as things that you put in your mouth such as toothbrushes, wash them thoroughly with water.

One spray can spray about 40 times, enough to spray an entire bathroom at least eight times.

Easy to use, just spray!
Use it in advance when you want to prevent mold.

Use KINCHO MUENDER one-push aerosol mold prevention in bathrooms to keep them clean!

To prevent mold and fight bacteria and viruses in bathrooms
Usage amount
Spray the entire bathrooms: Spray five times for an entire bathroom
Spray specific areas: Spray once for a 40 x 40 cm area
Ethanol, Gemini Quaternary Ammonium Compound, glycerin fatty acid ester, fragrance
  • *1 The effect varies depending on the usage environment.
  • *2 This product is not completely effective against all bacteria and viruses.