Bug Repellent for Rice Stocker N


  • KINCHO MUSHIKONAZU Bug Repellent for Rice Stocker N

Simply stick on the back of the container lid

Protect rice from insects, odors and mold in order to store the rice well!

Rice Deterioration Factors
: insects, odor absorption and mold

Measures against insects: odorless, naturally derived ingredients

Contains odorless, naturally derived ingredients, selected especially for use with foodstuffs
Ingredients contained in eucalyptus leaves keep insects out. Scent free.

No scent component used!
There is no unpleasant odor or pungent stimulus!

Odor absorption fighting measures: Green tea extract and charcoal-mixed beads

Green tea extract and charcoal- mixed beads adsorb and eliminate odors
Since this bug repellent is odorless, the rice will not absorb any odor.

Rice trivia

Rice surface is porous; so, it easily absorbs odors. When storing, if you place rice near a strong odor such as a detergent, the rice may absorb the odor.

In order to preserve the rice flavor, keeping odorous things away is necessary.

Mold fighting measures: charcoal- mixed beads & humidity control

Humidity control is added to the charcoal-mixed beads.
The charcoal-mixed beads regulate the humidity inside the rice storage container and protect the rice from mold.

The protection lasts for about six months.
Usable with pre-washed rice.

Trivia from KINCHO

How to use KINCHO MUSHIKONAZU Bug Repellent for Rice Stocker

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