Insect Repellent Plate Type


  • KINCHO MUSHIKONAZU Odorless 250-Day, Insect Repellent Plate

  • KINCHO MUSHIKONAZU Odorless 366-Day, Insect Repellent Plate

Simply by hanging the repellent at the boundary between indoors and outdoors

It prevents the intrusion of unpleasant insects into a house

Simply hang-to-use insect repellent

*Use the product at the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

  • Over a balcony

  • Under the eaves

  • By an indoor window

The KINCHO MUSHIKONAZU repellent produces a different effect depending on the direction of the wind, location, etc. If the product produces no effect, change the location. Or, if harmful flying insects invade the home in large numbers, use also an aerosol insecticide.

Wind-resistant "lockable hook"

The tip of the hook locks to firmly hold the product in place.

Highly safe and effective active ingredient

A pyrethroid agent of high safety and good efficacy is used.

Three-dimensional crosslink mesh

Applicable harmful insects
Chironomid, sandfly
Active ingredients
Pyrethroid agent
Recommended use
Use one plate at the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

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