Adhesive Body Warmer


  • KINCHO DONTO Adhesive Body Warmer, ginger Scent, 8P

  • KINCHO DONTO Adhesive Body Warmer, mugwort Scent, 8P

Formulated with the natural extracts of gingers and mugworts.

It is recommended to attach the warmer to your stomach!

The fragrance is carried by evaporating moisture that wraps around your face, so you can feel it working. Warmers can also be attached to your waist, neck, and shoulder.

Magic therapeutic point for warming your whole body

If you feel cold across your whole body, it is effective to warm the area directly below the navel. It is called the “magic therapeutic point” because, if warmed every day, you can stabilize your physical condition and fin your vim and vigor.

Can be used indoors and outdoors

  • When relaxing at home
  • When working at the office
  • When commuting or going out
  • During outdoor activities

Warmth is maintained alongside the fragrance.

It is recommended for those who are worried about getting cold, as it gradually warms the body from the inside.
The warmer maintains a temperature of approx. 45ºC for 5 hours.

Formulated with "fresh forest fragrance"

Formulated with the "fresh forest fragrance" that has relaxing effect, you can relax and feel warm at the same time.

Average temperature
45 ºC (Max. 55 ºC)
5 hours (Time that temperature stays above 40°C)

Caution: Do not apply directly to skin. May cause low-temperature skin burn.

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