KINCHO Mite Catcher Sheet


  • KINCHO Mite Catcher Sheet (3 sheets)

Easy-to-use mite catcher sheet

Lures, catches and holds mites!

No insecticide contained

It is safe to use on children's and pet's beds.

Three steps: lures, catches and holds mites

STEP 1Lures mites

Food-derived attractants without any insecticides

Replicates mites’ favorites by combining animal- and plant-based food components to stimulate mites’ olfactory sense and lure them

STEP 2Making mites go inside the sheet

Jute layer replicating mite nests

Kincho thoroughly researched the materials that mites like to hide in, and we have come to the conclusion that jute, fine and nonabrasive fiver, ensures luring mites to the adhesive sheet.


STEP 3Hold mites and not let go

Each mite was carefully inspected for what materials they like and how far they go inside to choose the most powerful adhesive, which firmly catches them and prevents them from escaping.

The sheet structure

Repellent function lasts about three months.

Easy to use: just put them under or between futons, furniture, carpets, etc.
No cleaning required after use

  • Under futons and bed mattresses
  • Gaps between sofa cushions
  • Under carpets and rugs
  • Storage spaces (closets or Japanese oshiire built-in storage)
  • Strollers and cribs
  • Pet animal beds

Closets, drawers, clothing cases, chests, car seats, car safety seats for children, pantries (no direct contact with food), tatami, etc.

Applicable harmful insects
Indoor Tarsonemidae (not for ticks or house dust mites)