Drain Fly Repellent Foam Spray


  • KINCHO KONAZU Drain Fly Repellent Foam Spray, 300 mL

Keeps small flies away from bathtubs and sinks

One spray banishes drain flies and other small flies

Foam spray eliminates pesky drain flies

About Drain Flies . . .

Tiny flies found around bathtub and sink drains. Attracted by soap scum and skin oil traces.

Works two ways to fully eliminate small flies

Does not contain insecticide

A combination of antibacterial agents and surfactants works to kill drain flies.

Effective against both adults and larvae

Spray directly toward adults flying in the air. Spray around the drain to eliminate larvae growing in oil buildup.

Scented repellent compound keeps drain flies from gathering or laying eggs

Mild soapy scent

Antibacterial blend

Eliminates odor-generating bacteria to prevent unpleasant drain odor.

Applicable harmful insects
Drain flies
Active ingredients
Surfactants, antibacterial agents, fragrance, water